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You're self-producing content to drive traffic through your website and build your brand? You're asking people to engage with you on social media without results? Your analytics tell you that traffic has gone up but your call to action is getting ignored?

You need Followall!

Get Followall!

What is Followall?

Followall is a tool that allows you to offer content in exchange for social media engagement. You decide which content is readily available and what gets followalled.

fol·low·walled, fɑloʊ wɔld, v. The act of placing content behind a followall.

I followalled the example in my last blog post and got new followers on Twitter!

Engage to your liking

Followall supports all major social media platforms and email.

Make data-driven decisions

We aggregate and analyze what goes through your Followall so you can decide what's best for your brand.

No bots, no cuts, no coconuts

Don't pay for expensive services that end up filling your accounts with sketchy bots. With Followall you'll get followers who actually care about the content you're producing.

How does Followall work?

Just add our plugin to your website and let our magic enhance the way you engage with your audience through social media.

  1. Select the content you want to followall. It can be a link, a video, a repository. Anything you want.
  2. Choose from different social media platforms and decide your audience's contribution. Follows, likes, shares, etc.
  3. Followall provides you with a simple plugin and a link that goes in your content.
  4. By engaging with you through social media your audience gains access to the content you followalled!
  5. Have some cake to celebrate (optional) :cake:

Get Followall

Followall is currently under development. Request access to our closed beta, coming spring 2020!

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